Reading the Comics, December 9, 2017: Zach Weinersmith Wants My Attention Edition

If anything dominated the week in mathematically-themed comic strips it was Zach Weinersmith’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. I don’t know how GoComics selects the strips to (re?)print on their site. But there were at least four that seemed on-point enough for me to mention. So, okay. He’s got my attention. What’s he do with it? … Continue reading "Reading the Comics, December 9, 2017: Zach Weinersmith Wants My Attention Edition"

As I Try To Make Wronski’s Formula For Pi Into Something I Like

Previously: What Only One Person Ever Has Thought ‘Pi’ Means, And Who That Was As I Try To Figure Out What Wronski Thought ‘Pi’ Was Deciphering Wronski, Non-Standardly I remain fascinated with Józef Maria Hoëne-Wronski’s attempted definition of π. It had started out like this: And I’d translated that into something that modern mathematicians would … Continue reading "As I Try To Make Wronski’s Formula For Pi Into Something I Like"

How November 2017 Treated My Mathematics Blog

I was barely done sulking about the drop in readership on my humor blog when I started preparing the mathematics-blog readership report. And readership did drop from October (and September). Not by much, though. There were 1,052 pages viewed here in November 2017, barely less than October’s 1,069. It’s a fair bit under September’s 1,232, … Continue reading "How November 2017 Treated My Mathematics Blog"

Reading the Comics, December 2, 2017: Showing Intelligence Edition

November closed out with another of those weeks not quite busy enough to justify splitting into two. I blame Friday and Saturday. Nothing mathematically-themed was happening them. Suppose some days are just like that. Johnny Hart’s Back To BC for the 26th is an example of using mathematical truths as profound statements. I’m not sure … Continue reading "Reading the Comics, December 2, 2017: Showing Intelligence Edition"

Deciphering Wronski, Non-Standardly

I ran out of time to do my next bit on Wronski’s attempted definition of π. Next week, all goes well. But I have something to share anyway. William Lane Craig, of the The author of Boxing Pythagoras blog was intrigued by the starting point. And as a fan of studying how people understand infinity … Continue reading "Deciphering Wronski, Non-Standardly"