Dabbing and the Pythagorean Theorem



Originally posted on Mean Green Math:
I enjoyed this article from Fox Sports. Apparently, a French Precalculus textbook created a homework problem asking if football (soccer) superstar Paul Pogba is doing the perfect dab by creating two right triangles. ?

Reading the Comics, May 20, 2017: Major Computer Malfunction Week Edition



I was hit by a massive computer malfunction this week, the kind that forced me to buy a new computer and spend half a week copying stuff over from a limping hard drive and hoping it would maybe work if I held things just right. Mercifully, Comic Strip Master Command gave me a relatively easy […]

Everything Interesting There Is To Say About Springs



I need another supplemental essay to get to the next part in Why Stuff Can Orbit. (Here’s the last part.) You probably guessed it’s about springs. They’re useful to know about. Why? That one killer Mystery Science Theater 3000 short, yes. But also because they turn up everywhere. Not because there are literally springs in […]

Reading the Comics, May 13, 2017: Quiet Tuesday Through Saturday Edition



From the Sunday and Monday comics pages I was expecting another banner week. And then there was just nothing from Tuesday on, at least not among the comic strips I read. Maybe Comic Strip Master Command has ordered jokes saved up for the last weeks before summer vacation. Tony Cochrane’s Agnes for the 7th is […]